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Atlanta’s Growing Thirst Creates Water Wars

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Over 400 million gallons of water is sucked from Chattahoochee River and reservoir everyday and which keeps the countless suburban lawns green.

States like Georgia, Alabama and Florida are at the centre of the dispute about dividing the rights to the water and which has left Atlanta to wonder on their next course of action when it decides to share out Chattahoochee River with other States .

The year 2030, is when Georgia officials expect Atlanta to reach a real day of water reckoning during which they would projected the demands for Chattahoochee will have reached a sustainable limit. The root cause of the water problems has been due to drought, pricing of the water and regulations concerning the fresh water found in Atlanta.

1837 was the year when Atlanta was founded not as a port but as a railway junction. The fact that it rests on the hard rock of piedmont granite, which are water proof hence making the underground aquifers act as source of fresh water is of great significance to the rising population which grew from 2.9 million to 4. 1 million.

Atlanta which gets so much rain, should try its level best to trap the waters from the rain to ensure that there is plenty of water for everyone hence reduce the conflict with other states. During the dry season, they can make good use of this trapped water from the rain.

The rights to the river by the states can be divided based on the population of each state. States with more population should have more rights to the river and those with less population should have a limited right to the river. While doing this, they should also consider which states have access to other water source. Those with alternative sources should have limitation to the access water from this river and those with none, should have full access to the waters of the river.