I didn’t do my homework Explainer


Have you ever wondered why some of the students in the class will fail to complete their homework, talk to the teacher and they get pardoned while some even after explaining to the teacher, still end up being punished? Well, the answer is simple. The students who are pardoned use convincing ways to tell the teacher that they did not do their homework. Just in case you are interested in knowing some of the best ways that you can use to tell your teacher that you did not do your homework, here are some of these ways.

Don’t wait for the teacher to call you out.

It is a fact that the teacher will always call out those who did not do their assignment to explain. Do not wait for this moment to arrive. Consider approaching the teacher with your explanation of why you did not do your homework. This way, they are likely to find your reasons genuine since you took it upon yourself to approach the teacher before they actually called out the names of the students who did not do their homework.

Appear sorry

One of the biggest mistakes that all the students who have not done their home works do are giving excuses. Yes! There might be a good reason behind why you did not do your homework but if you are looking for the best way to tell this to your teacher do not give them excuses. Influencing this is the fact that some of the excuses are too common and lame. You would want to try being sorry instead because being sorry means that you are admitting that what you have done is a mistake and you regret doing it.

Act annoyed

Acting sorry and acting annoyed are two distinct yet related aspects. Unfortunately, students often confuse the two aspects. While approaching your teacher to explain to them why you did not do your homework in as much as you want to act sorry as mentioned earlier on you must combine this with an act of being annoyed. This is where you need to show how interested you were in doing the homework and how it pains you that you actually did not make it to do the homework. The teacher is bound to feel sympathetic, and this will work to your advantage.

While you may want to consider only one of these tricks here, it is recommended that you use all of them. Influencing this is the fact that teachers are intelligent human beings. Therefore, using only one of these tricks on them may not get them to believe you or spare you from the set punishment. However, using a combination of all these three steps tactfully may be the most successful and best way of telling your teacher you did not do your homework as each of the steps gets them convinced and willing to pardon you especially the first and the third step since they are not used by most students.